Introducing: When We Kiss...

Dearest Friends,

I am so happy that you’ve stopped by for a visit! I'd like to introduce myself and share with you the creation of this very special fragrance.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an ongoing love affair with nostalgic aromas. From the fragrant mist of the first summer rain, the crisp, cool tingle of fresh pine while walking through a Christmas tree lot on a snowy evening, to the familiar scent an old boyfriend's denim shirt. I close my eyes, inhale, and I am there once again.

One evening, while dining with my dearest girlfriends, my passion for fragrance turned into an idea. The conversation that evening became too serious; work, the news, the current state of affairs; too intense for an evening out with friends.

My mind wandered away from the dismal conversation at my table. Across the room I noticed a couple who were gazing lovingly into one another's eyes; as if they were alone in the room; and then they kissed.

My friends noticed the couple and the conversation at our table immediately changed. We began to reminisce; romantic memories came back. With tears in my eyes I remembered the touch of a hand against my face, the excitement of first love, and an unforgettable first kiss.

Later that night, I found my diary; I had not looked at it in years. I took the key that I had saved and opened the diary. The soft hint of a rose petal that was pressed inside the diary filled my heart and mind with cherished memories.

Introducing, “ When we kiss…” My first fragrance is a gorgeous natural eau de parfum that opens with sparkling citrus and fruity notes. Intoxicating bitter orange adds warmth and sensuality followed by a soft and romantic bouquet of floral notes.

A truly memorable fragrance; wears softly like a romantic whisper in one's ear; a gentle touch of a hand against a cheek, a favorite love song. Like a perfect kiss, the fragrance will linger long into the evening. The exquisite bottle is housed in a vintage-like journal along with your memories.

Please keep in touch with me as I plan to create more beautiful and natural eau de parfum; inspired by love.

Until then, I wish you as much love as your heart can hold. Surround yourself with love and a beautiful scent…



photograph of a quill pen and ink well

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